Welcome Message

Welcome to Beijing, the capital city of China with a rich history of three millennia! I am very excited to meet all of you again in Beijing to share most recent research activities. As the conference host promised last year, I expect many delicious food menus for lunch and dinner.

Here, I would like to share a short history of ICIUS for the first-time contributors. ICIUS is supported by the International Society of Intelligent Unmanned System. The conference has been successful for many years in Seoul-Korea (2005, 2006), Bali-Indonesia (2007, 2010, 2015), Nanjing-China (2008), Jeju-Korea (2009), Chiba-Japan (2011), Singapore (2012), Jaipur-India (2013), Montreal-Canada (2014), Xian-China (2016), Tamsui-Taiwan (2017), Jeju-Korea (2018). Now, I believe that ICIUS is one of most successful conferences among the newly-born conferences organized by Pacific-Asian countries. I am lucky enough to stay together with ICIUS watching the growth of the conference since 2005.

ICIUS covers divers research areas of unmanned systems, recently focusing air/underwater drones and bioinspired systems. Papers presented in this conference are mostly related with actual operating systems, not limited to just imaginary ones. Since the size of the conference is not very large, it provides many chances for interaction among participants. Even new participants can be friends during the conference, which is impossible at larger conferences.

I wish that you all enjoy the conference sharing insights among participants and the post-conference tour making new friends.


President of ISIUS
Prof. Hoon Cheol Park, Konkuk Univ.

General Chairs
Prof. Wei He, Univ. Sci. and Tech. Beijing
Prof. Lung-Jieh Yang, Tamkang Univ.

Program Chairs
Prof. Youmin Zhang, Concordia Univ.
Prof. Bin Jiang, Nanjing Univ. Aeron. & Astron.