Please read all of the information below first. You must register before you can submit a final paper.


Registration fee Advance Rate:

on or before Jul.9

Non-advance Rate:

after Jul.9

Attendee with 1 paper

(for students)

500 USD / 3400 RMB

(400 USD / 2700 RMB)

550 USD / 3700 RMB

(450 USD / 3000 RMB)

1 award banquet 2 lunch buffets & 2 dinner buffets
Attendee with 2 papers

(for students)

750 USD / 5100 RMB

(650 USD / 4400 RMB)

800 USD / 5400 RMB

(700 USD / 4700 RMB)

1 award banquet 2 lunch buffets & 2 dinner buffets
Attendee without paper

(for students)

300 USD / 2000 RMB

(220 USD / 1500 RMB)

300 USD / 2000 RMB

(220 USD / 1500 RMB)

1 award banquet 2 lunch buffets & 2 dinner buffets

If you have an accompanying person for meal, the price is as follows (tentative):
*Fee for Banquet ($22 / ¥150) includes award banquet (29th).
*Fee for Buffets ($52 / ¥360) includes dinner buffets (27th and 28th) and lunch buffets (28th and 29th).

Additional charges

One full registration covers a maximum of two accepted papers by the same registered author, in which, the second paper under this registration will be charged an additional USD 250 / RMB 1700 as the additional registered paper fee.


1.In order to submit the final paper, at least one of the authors has to register in advance (see above). Authors registered as either ‘student’ or ‘regular’ are allowed to upload no more than 2 contributions. Please note that final paper is limited to 8 pages (preferably within 6 pages) .

2.To submit, you need an EasyChair account. If you do not have an EasyChair account, you should create one from here.
If you have already created an EasyChair account, ignore this step. You do not need a separate account for each conference to which you submit.

Other Items/Categories

Item Price Remarks
Travel 71 USD / 500 RMB Post Tour from 7:30 to 18:00 on August 30 includes tickets and a luncheonette. (Pay onsite or online)

The post conference tour is scheduled on August 30th, 2019. We ask participants express their intention to join the tour no later than August 23. The followings are the tentative schedule.

07:30 Check In/ Boarding
08:00 Departure at Liaoning International Hotel for Badaling Great Wall
09:30 Arrive at Badaling Great Wall
09:40 Touring
12:30 Arrange lunch
13:30 Departure for the Summer Palace
15:10 Arrive at the Summer Palace
15:20 Visit the Summer Palace, the most beautiful royal garden
16:30 Go back to hotel
18:00 Arrival at Liaoning International Hotel

Note: The schedule may be changed depending on the traffic condition.

For International attendees, please click here to pay travel fee online. After payment, please email the Travel Form to us before August 23, 2019.

For Mainland China attendees, please pay by bank transfer (the same with registration) and email the Travel Form to us before August 23, 2019. If no invoice is required, you can pay it onsite.

Payment Method:

For International Registrant:

Please click HERE to complete the payment online.

Payment Method: Paypal/Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/DISCOVER

Each accepted paper should be presented by one of the authors at the conference and must be accompanied with a registration fee.

For Mainland China Registrant:

需要发票或采用因公转账的,只有如下一种支付方法(请在汇款附言中注明论文的编号,如:ID 023):


名称 北京阳光地维科技有限公司
开户行 北京农商银行回龙观支行
账号 0616 040103 000000 790

After completing the payment, please email the following information to  within 24 hours (Email Subject: Registration for ICIUS 2019 (paper ID)):

1. A filled Registration Form.

2. A scan of the receipt of payment.

3. A scan of the student ID if the attendee is a student.

We will send back a confirmation email after receiving the registration email in 1 – 3 business day(s).
Thank you for your registration.

Cancellation Policy

No requests for cancellations will be accepted.

Support and Information

For technical assistance and additional information about the registration process, please contact: