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BEFORE July 7, 2019
AFTER July 7, 2019
Students400 USD / 2700 RMB450 USD / 3000 RMBYes
Regular500 USD / 3400 RMB550 USD / 3700 RMBYes

Other Items/Categories

Item Price Remarks
Travel 50 USD / 300 RMB Post Tour from 8:00 to 16:00 on August 30 includes tickets and a luncheonette.

If you have an accompanying person for meal, the price is as follows (tentative):
*Fee for Banquet ($50) includes welcome banquet (27th) and award banquet (29th).
*Fee for Buffet ($70) includes dinner buffet in 28th and lunch buffets from 28th-29th.


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